This summer I joined Michael Flarup and the rest of team at Northplay for a full-time position. I've worked with Michael and the team for many years, first at Robocat and now at Northplay.

Having just finished my BSc degree, I'm going from a part-time to full-time position, but my role is the same as always. There's just more of it. I will split the time between designing apps and interfaces for clients, and running the resource platform Apply Pixels, which we're currently in the process of re-designing completely. It is a long process, but it is becoming more and more coherent. We're looking forward to welcoming old and new users to the new platform.

We needed a set of icons to represent each resource category. Design resources often share a lot of common UI elements, icons and shapes, so I tried to make each icon representative of its category while also being distinguishable from the other categories.