I was lucky enough to work on 10 custom New York City emoji, with my Northplay colleagues Michael Flarup and Christian Laumark.

Exploding Manhole, Chicken Bones, NYPD Car Boot, Giuliani, Elitist Tote Bag, Aggro Cyclist

The emoji were designed for Ceros Originals, who used them in their cool interactive article ’Emoji City, New York Edition’.

Ceros Originals used the emoji in their interactive article ’Emoji City, New York Edition’

Having only visited NYC as a tourist, designing this emoji set gave me a little glimpse of the NYC everyday life and its inside jokes, and I enjoyed that a lot! Next time visiting New York I will definitely be on the outlook for these NYC phenomena.

Knockoff Elmo, Pizza Rat, Brawling Santas and Sidewalk Incensec